6 weeks tft sessions with regular check ins

''I had an amazing experience with Gabrielle Sharples. Talking to her made me feel seen and heard, and I found our sessions very helpful. Gabrielle was patient with me, as I was still struggling quite a bit when our sessions started. We implemented some useful strategies which have helped me make a lot of progress. In our sessions I felt very safe and comforted, and would highly recommend Gabrielle Sharples, not just as a psychotherapist, but as a kind, lovely and sympathetic person who is very good at what they do''.

6 Week tft sessions

''Not only did these sessions help prepare me for my assessment, they generally helped me contextualise and explore my life to this point. To understand that being trans wasn’t just something that suddenly spawned from nowhere – that there were many potential signs I missed, and for better or worse it was likely always a part of who I was. Yet as unpleasant as that can be, the realisation that the problem wasn’t just me, it was my body and the expectation that came with it is almost liberating in a sense. I previously had a lot of internalised doubt, and theses sessions have been instrumental in helping alleviate that, helping me feel comfortable and accepted for who I am.''